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How Bicycle Travel Transforms Lives: Kimberly Naftel
October 20, 2019

How Bicycle Travel Transforms Lives: Kimberly Naftel

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Bicycle Travel as a Family Affair:

One of active travel’s most important transformational moments is when the whole family bonds on a bike ride.

That is what happened to Kimberly on her Ciclismo Classico bike trip through Italy.

Bound to a long-distance relationship, Kim spent a long time on her bicycle before celebrating as a newlywed on our quintessential Bike Across Italy departure.

Here is how this trip transformed not only her life but also the lives of her growing family:

I began biking eight years ago when in a long distance relationship with my fiancé, and we celebrated our honeymoon by going on a bike trip across Italy! The trip challenged us significantly but it brought us together as a couple in new ways!

Life Events:

There have been new houses, new jobs, two pregnancies, and two new children since that time, and we have continued to bike together and do trips together as it really refreshes us as a couple and as parents!

The New Generation:

Our four-year-old daughter already knows how to bike (with hand brakes!) and our two-year-old boy isn’t far behind!

I recently had hip surgery. However, I am looking forward to using the bike as a part of my rehabilitation. One day very soon our whole family can go on bike rides and trips together! Biking truly has transformed my life by keeping me healthy, but also helping ‘me heal, giving me hope, and absolute joy!”

Next Steps:

So now Kim focuses on bettering her health – and her family ties – through biking.

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