Ciclismo Ambassadors

Spread the Ciclismo Magic and Earn Credits towards Your Next Trip

Become a Ciclismo Ambassador by starting your own Club Ciclismo chapter and sharing your passion for bike touring and all things Ciclismo with friends and family.

Hosting a Club Ciclismo event is simple. Want to lead a community ride on your local bike trails or a bike parade through your hometown? Host a cocktail party or a holiday event? Run a booth at one of our Ciclismo special events in your area? Or how about holding a fundraiser for a local charity? Just decide what type of event you want to host, and we’ll provide the tools to make it easy.

For every Club Ciclismo event you host, you’ll earn travel credits to help you get back on the road with Ciclismo again. Accumulate enough credits and you could even travel free! As a Ciclismo Ambassador, you’ll receive special treatment when you reserve your next trip and can enjoy free travel consultation anytime. We’ll also make sure you’ll receive a special invitation to our many Club Ciclismo events, rides, and reunions.

The great thing about Club Ciclismo chapter events is that they reflect the passions and personalities of the chapter ambassador and group members. So just use your imagination. The sky’s the limit!