Fun in the Sardinian Sun Family Tour

Cycle. Swim. Eat. Repeat.

For a fun family vacation, join us on a bike tour in Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean. Discover pristine beaches as you cycle to hidden spots and enjoy a variety of activities and rich cultural experiences. We’ve charted a route through territory still virtually undiscovered by the tourist crowds. Ride along the beautiful beaches on the island of Sant’Antioco and marvel at the incredible turquoise sea, learn all about the ancient customs and history of the island on your visit to the Phoenician museum, and enjoy a private boat ride along the southwestern coast where you can explore the crystal blue waters, snorkeling through the coves. Take a ferry ride to San Pietro Island, famous for its red tuna. Here you’ll get a chance to hear the ancient Genoan dialect as you ride through the streets of Carlofote and explore the island by bike. In Pula, admire dramatic cliffs and small coves as you bicycle along the coastline and encounter a dash of Spain’s influence on Sardinia as you pass the lonely Spanish towers that still remain. On this active adventure in Sardinia, you will experience traditions and cultures you and family won’t find anywhere else.


  • Peaceful pedaling along the tranquil Mediterranean Sea
  • Experience spectacular coastal views
  • Savor luscious, fresh tomato focaccia and amazing seafood
  • Feasts with cool, crisp white wines
  • Stays at charming seaside hotels and enchanting country inns
  • Discover Sardinian culture and Roman and Phoenician remnants
  • Multi-sport activities on tour including snorkeling, swimming and canoeing

Trip Details

Single Supplement
7 days / 6 nights
Total Mileage
53 miles
Daily Average
9 miles
Flat and paved
Start/End Locations

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Calasetta and Sant’Antioco Island

Today we have a group pickup at Cagliari airport at 11:30 am and a 1.5-hour shuttle takes us to Calasetta. At 1pm we meet in our hotel and enjoy a light lunch followed by an introduction talk. In the afternoon we enjoy a warm-up ride, with the option of an extra loop along the coast.

Sant’Antioco Island loop

We discover and ride on Sant’Antioco, the island from which the Phoenicians once dominated the Mediterranean. Enjoy views of beautiful beaches and a turquoise sea during your spin around the island. Today we visit the Phoenician museum and we learn more about the traditions and customs of this ancient population. There are many options for afternoon activities such as relaxing at hotel, enjoying the beach, swimming and snorkeling. The hotel features a swimming pool and tennis courts.

San Pietro Island

We take a 45-minute ferry out to San Pietro Island—and enter a whole new world. This island was settled by Genoan fishermen 300 years ago and is still famous for its red tuna. As we cycle around the island, it is possible to hear the ancient Genoan dialect, still very much used in the main town of Carloforte, a little village in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. In the afternoon, there is time for relaxation, a nap or the
opportunity to explore the wonderful coast of Sant’Antioco.

Boat ride

Today we enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea on a private boat ride along the pristine stretch of the Southwest of Sardinia coast. Here we are in one of the wildest sections of nature found on Sardinia. We’ll have the chance to discover small coves, swimming and snorkeling in crystal-clear water and we learn about the “mattanza.” The mattanza is quasi-spiritual process fishermen have used for hundreds of years to capture the Mediterranean bluefin tuna using dense nets.


The Spanish influence on Sardinia is evident in the lonely Spanish towers we’ll see on our
ride along the island’s most beautiful coastline. Admire dramatic cliffs and small coves
where cows and goats wander, bordered nearby with the shifting green and blue hues of an
unimaginably crystalline sea.

Multi-sport activity day

Today is at leisure in Pula. Explore the Roman and Phoenician ruins in the ancient city of Nora. You can also simply enjoy the local shops and restaurants, relax by the beach or canoe in the lagoon of Nora, before our last dinner together where we can celebrate our fabulous tour in our Sardinian paradise.


Stay to enjoy the white sand dune beaches of Pula or take our 45-minute private shuttle to Cagliari airport, around 9 am, where you can catch a flight out.

What's Included

Trip Planning

  • Child and adult bike rental equipped with odometer, map case, handlebar and seat bags and bike pump
  • Informative tour leaders throughout the program
  • Ciclismo jersey and water bottle
  • Shuttle to the start and at the end of the tour

On The Tour

  • Van support
  • Boat ride
  • Visit at Phoenician Museum

Accomodations & Meals

  • All accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • 5 dinners
  • 2 lunches

Meet the Guides