The Best of Patagonia

An exclusive photo-hiking adventure in Argentina and Chile that delves deep into the wildlife and landscapes of Patagonia.

Join renowned South American photographer and nature documentary filmmaker, Ossian Lindholm, in this Travel Vision Photo Journeys exclusive—a Patagonian hiking and photo tour that ranges from Argentina’s spectacular Los Glaciares National Park to Chile’s renowned Torres Del Paine National Park. Whether you take hundreds of photos or just enjoy absorbing the views with your eyes, on this remarkable adventure you’ll discover a host of wonders in one of the world’s last wildernesses.

Here, at the very end of the American continent, lies a visual and sensual treat for the photographer and explorer alike. Patagonia is a dazzling world of calving glaciers, rushing waterfalls, and towering Andean peaks thrusting skywards from the clearest of blue-green waters. There are night skies milky with bright stars and remote islands shrouded with sea mists.

Wildlife abounds here too: reclusive pumas and soaring condors are just some of the many highlights. It all makes for one of the most coveted hiking experiences in the world. Ciclismo Classico director, Lauren Hefferon, considers this to be the most beautiful and inspiring of the many places she has visited during 30 years of travel.


We begin our journey in El Calafate, gateway to the drama of ice, mountain, and water of Los Glaciares National Park. You’ll see nature at its most energetic at the Perito Moreno Glacier, which surges bright-and-white into the aquamarine waters of Lago Argentino. You’ll also hike among splintered Andean spires and discover the bizarre forms of ancient petrified forests.



Our travel photo trek then takes us south to the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. With its snowcapped mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, remote glaciers and mirrored lakes, Torres del Paine really is the 8th Natural Wonder of the World.



Here you’ll join our widlife safari to track Patagonia’s most elusive animals—the enigmatic Andean puma and the endangered South Andean deer. You’ll thread along classic trekking routes, crossing glaciers, lakes, and rivers to explore ancient woods and deep-cut fjords.

Together, we’ll walk amidst wildlife–condors, guanacos, the Darwin fox, the elusive puma and learn about their behavior up-close from an expert naturalist. The camera skills you have absorbed will surely pay off with some truly spectacular photographs you will always treasure.

On this journey of a lifetime, we guarantee that heart and mind, body and soul will be expanded and rejuvenated. What your lens has framed, and your eye has captured, will now be fixed in your mind—allowing the magic of this place to remain with you forever more.

About our Guides

Your guides for this tour will be Ciclismo Classico and Travel Vision Journey director, Lauren Hefferon, and Ossian Lindholm, renowned photographer and documentary filmmaker from Tucuman, Argentina. He has filmed and produced over 100 documentaries, and written six books on the natural and cultural splendor of Argentina.

Through his life experiences as a scholar, agricultural engineer, photographer, teacher, and now filmmaker, he has come to realize that his life’s work is to deliver a powerful message—the vital importance of conservation and sustainability for preserving his homeland’s splendor.

This trip is limited to 12 travelers, on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Globally renowned Perito Moreno Glacier, an actively calving ice-sheet
  • Hiking around jagged mountain landscapes of Mount Fitz Roy
  • Wildlife photo safari through Torres del Paine National Park
  • Wildlife viewing to include the South American gray fox, the Chilean huemul, and the magnificent puma
  • Four nights at the award-winning, world-renowned leader in sustainable tourism, EcoCamp Patagonia
  • Daily photography lessons with abundant photo opportunities throughout each day

Trip Details

Single Supplement
10 days / 9 nights
Start/End Locations
Calafate/Punta Arenas
Trip Dates
02/26/18 - 03/07/18
03/19/18 - 03/28/18

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Flight Buenos Aires – Calafate - Reserva Nimez

Your Patagonia photo adventure begins with you being warmly welcomed at El Calafate airport by our expert guides, who’ll drive you to your boutique hotel in this charming trekkers town. After refreshing yourself, we’ll take a stroll around town, before visiting the Laguna Nimez wildlife reserve.

Here you’ll get a chance to try out your wildlife photographic techniques on silvery grebe, black-faced ibis, and flamingoes as they wade through its watery reeds. In the evening, after dinner, Ossian will talk us through the exciting photo safari to come, passing on tips and skills honed through decades spent filming and photographing in the region.

Calafate to El Chalten

In the morning there’ll be an opportunity for a sunrise stroll along the lakeshore, catching the sun as it lifts over the tranquil lake’s waters. After breakfast it’s time to hit the road, and head to El Chalten, which lies at the heart of the Los Glaciares National Park. The scenery here is truly spectacular, its rugged ice-capped mountains framing the sky, and inviting the click of the shutter.

Along the way we will stop at La Leona, an historic hamlet reputed as a stop-over for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. There’ll also be some incredible photo opportunities at the Petrified Wood, with its bizarre rock formations and trees frozen-into-stone. Once we have checked into our hotel in El Chalten, we’ll go for short hike to watch the sun go down among its sharp-spiked mountains.

Trek: Laguna de los Tres and Mount Fitz Roy

The towering landscape around El Chalten begs to be photographed in the glowing light of dawn, so we’ll rise early to capture this subtle drama on the iconic Mount Fitz Roy. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll then set off to explore the forests, lakes and glaciers of a truly jaw-dropping mountain landscape.

We’ll take our lunch al fresco on Mount Fitz Roy’s flanks, by ice-water streams. Then we’ll head back down, enjoying spectacular vistas as we descend to our hotel at El Chalten. Along the way your photo tour guides will transform this wonderful hike into an illuminating photo workshop. In the evening, we’ll have a chance to review everyone’s photos and to discuss the finer points of landscape and nature photography in Patagonia.

Cañadon Del Rio De Las Vueltas

Sunrise brings us another chance to capture the Patagonian scenery in the subtle shades of dawn. Then we’ll make a short trek to the Cañadón del Río de Las Vueltas, a meandering canyon coursing with icy meltwaters. This is an ideal opportunity to see the mighty Andean condor, which flies to surprisingly low altitudes here.

Then we’ll be heading back down the road to El Calafate, stopping off along the way for photo opportunities as they present themselves. There’ll be another photo class in your El Calafate hotel, hosted by your guides, before we turn in for the night.

Walk On The Perito Moreno Glacier

Today we experience one of the world’s most spectacular sites—the striking sights and sounds of the Perito Moreno Glacier as it splits and splinters into the Argentino Lake. This 240-foot-high cliff of vivid blue ice is especially exciting for photographers who will enjoy the array of colors and shapes created by this ancient ice.

We’ll take to the water to see to its jagged ice-face up close, through azure waters littered with white ice fragments. We may just capture one of the glacier’s truly spectacular calving events. Then we’ll take a hike over the surface of this stunning glacier, exploring its glacial streams, lagoons, gullies, and crevasses.

Transfer: El Calafate - Torres Del Paine – Ecocamp Patagonia

This will be our last morning in El Calafate, with one more chance to head out at dawn to capture its splendor. Then we’ll take a 5-hour drive down across the border with Chile. Our Chilean wildlife photo expedition will show you another side to this region. Our destination, Ecocamp Patagonia, is a captivating luxury camp sitting in the heart of the Torres Del Paine, and in the shadows its spectacular wild mountains.

Wildlife Exploration Day 1

We’ll be staying at the EcoCamp for three full days of exploration and wildlife photography. Each day will follow similar rhythm, starting off early to catch the sun’s special light as it rises. After breakfast we’ll leave camp to seek out some of the Park’s many wildlife opportunities, including tracking the elusive Puma.

The morning allows us up to six hours to observe, study, and photograph to your heart’s content. Lunch will be back at the EcoCamp. The afternoons are quieter for wildlife, so it’s a good time to relax and reflect. Then we head out into the evening’s lingering light, seeking out the wildlife as the sun dips down once more.

Wildlife Exploration Day 2

Today we will focus on landscapes. We will drive through the National Park and take time to experience the iconic views. From the shores of Lake Nordenskold we will take photos of the famous Cerro Cuernos. We visit the magnificent Salto Grande Waterfall. From there we will do a short trek to the Mirador Cerro Los Cuernos. We visit Laguna los Cisnes where depending on the weather we will be able to get great images with swams and flamingos. In the area of Laguna Amarga, we will visit Cascada del Rio Paine, another beautiful waterfall. From there also it is possible to capture lovely photos of the Torres del Paine.

Wildlife Exploration Day 3

This morning we experience the pink sunrise on Torres del Paine framed my lakes, twisting trees and wild horses in the foreground. After breakfast, we begin our walk into the park with our expert Puma trackers Diego and Roberto. They are passionate environmentalists who have been working in the park for years. They not only will lead us to the Puma but they will teach us about many of the park’s special creatures—the guanaco, fox, ostrich, condor and birds—and the fascinating interplay of their behaviors.


Transfer: Ecocamp Patagonia - Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas

Your last day of your Patagonia travel tour starts with a final breakfast at Ecocamp Patagonia. From there, you’ll be taken first to Puerto Natales, and then on to Punta Arenas airport. Arriving in the afternoon, it’s from here that you’ll catch your transfer flight back home.

What's Included

Trip Planning

  • Private transportation
  • Accident insurance and gratuities at restaurants/hotels

On The Tour

  • All activities according to the itinerary, including flora & fauna observation and photography, birdwatching, sea mammal watching, soft hiking, and volunteer nature conservation activities
  • All entrance fees

Accomodations & Meals

  • All accommodations
  • All breakfasts
  • 8 lunches
  • 5 dinners

Meet the Guides

Ossian Lindholm


Lauren Hefferon