Pantanal Explorer

In search of the elusive jaguar and the creatures of The Pantanal, the world’s last great wilderness.

The Pantanal, one of the last great wildernesses, is the largest contiguous wetland on the planet, declared a World Heritage site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, since it’s a South American primary wildlife sanctuary. With a total area of 240,000 sq km located in the center of the continent, Pantanal is a bio-geographic mixing bowl, containing elements of the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforests, the Brazilian Savannah and the Paraguayan Chaco. This fantastic biodiversity includes 698 birds species, 100 mammals, 177 reptiles, 40 amphibians and over 250 fish species. On this trip visit both the North and South Pantanal.

Explore the Pantanal and capture its spectacular wildlife on this exciting photo expedition led by the acclaimed South American photographer, Ossian Lindholm. The Pantanal, one of the world’s last great wildernesses, is the largest contiguous wetland on the planet. It is South America’s primary wildlife sanctuary. Our Brazil adventure tour will traverse what is an immense bio-geographic melting pot—the Pantanal contains elements of the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforests, the Brazilian Savannah, and the Paraguayan Chaco.

Its fantastic biodiversity includes almost 700 bird species, 100 different types of mammals, hundreds of fish, and scores of reptile and amphibian species. Join us on a wildlife photography tour that can promise close up views of an endless array of this unique regional fauna: tapirs, giant anteaters, caiman, capybaras, howler monkeys, giant river otters, the Hyacinth Macaw, and the toco toucan. And, perhaps we will get to frame the stealth and beauty of the jaguar—the apex predator of this vast realm.

Explore one of the world’s last great wildernesses on this immersive photography trip.

We always plan our Brazil photo tours with your comfort uppermost in mind. So our photo safari—which will take us across both North and South Pantanal—will see you lodging in cozy, clean working fazendas, where the food never less than fantastic. All of the equipment and personnel are put in place to ensure you’ll get the best photos possible. We use top-quality radio-linked boats with powerful engines to maximize the opportunities for seeing and photographing Pantanal’s wildlife extravaganza. We also carefully arrange our itinerary to suit our photographers, prioritizing the hours of best light, with a strong emphasis on the magical minutes of sunrise and sunset.

Our expert local guides are experienced at spotting regional wildlife, able to lead us to our photographic quarry with the minimum of disturbance. The photography expedition will conclude with two full days spent hunting for the perfect shot of the ultimate jungle predator—the legendary jaguar. We’ll also take a canoe tour on the Rio Clarinho, enjoy a Brazilian BBQ, take hikes through the jungle, and maybe even go piranha fishing! This is undoubtedly a nature lover’s photography tour of a lifetime!


  • Expert photographer and group leader, Ossian Lindholm, providing in-field instruction and top tips to ensure you get the best shots
  • Opportunity to photograph unique regional wildlife such as jaguars, caiman, capybaras, howler monkeys, and giant river otters
  • Explore the Pantanal, a sanctuary for birds hosting almost a thousand species, including the beautiful Hyacinth Macaw and the toco toucan
  • Accommodations at simple working fazendas, chosen for their cleanliness, coziness and fantastic food
  • Quality modern radio-linked boats with powerful engines for quick tracking of jaguars
  • Tours and activities specifically calibrated to needs of photographers, prioritizing the hours of best light, including sunrise and sunset

Trip Details

Single Supplement
7 Days / 6 Nights
Start/End Locations
Cuiaba, Brazil/Cuiaba, Brazil
Trip Dates
09/02/19 - 09/09/19

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Arrival to the airport and transfer to the Pantanal

Upon arrival, we will meet our nature local guide and have lunch at an authentic Brazilian Restaurant. Transfer to the Pantanal (60 miles). Once we arrive at the Transpantaneira Road, we will start observing the wildlife of the Pantanal and taking our first picture of this UNESCO World Heritage site’s exotic wildlife: We hope to see caimans, capybaras, the jabiru stork, Kingfishers (the Pantanal has five species of them—all the South American ones!), heron, egrets, wattled jacanas, and the beautiful scarlet-headed blackbird and hyacinth macaws! We’ll then head to the lodge and check-in, followed by an awe-inspiring sunset-photo session.

Two full days at the Pantanal at Rio Claro Lodge

We'll spend the next two days in one of the nicest lodges of the Pantanal. Here, we can watch the varied wildlife and their habitat. We’ll see the bird feeders, capuchin monkeys, capybaras and other birds and, last but not least, the river. During our boat rides, we will be able to approach the birds and other animals, giving us chances for full-frame photos! And along the boat ride, we will have photo sessions where we will capture a number of birds with our lens—they will come to catch fishes that are thrown at them in the water. This will surely be one of the highlights of this superb photo tour!

See Day 2.

Day 4 - Breakfast and transfer to Porto Jofre Hotel

This transfer is actually a photo safari by car, since we’ll be making several stops along the way to photograph the unique wildlife that surrounds us. We’ll arrive to the hotel by lunchtime, check in, and then we’ll have lunch.

PM: Later in the afternoon, we have our first opportunity of taking photos of the elusive jaguar! Note: The jaguar in the Pantanal is twice as big as the one that lives in the Amazon Forest! We’ll return to the lodge at the end of the day, with a stop to photograph the sunset on the way.

Two full days boat ride at the Cuiaba River

On these two days, we’ll have breakfast at 5:00 am, which is 45 minutes before sunrise. By sunrise time, we’ll already be in our speed boats taking pictures and enjoying the morning sounds of the wildlife, with lots of birds flying above us. Surely, the elusive jaguar will be our prime target on these two days, and our chance to photograph them will start the moment we board our speed boats.

If nature grants us the opportunity to photograph other animals and wildlife, then we’ll stop our boats and snap away. Along the Cuiabá River, we’ll see and photograph capybaras and lots of caimans, and sometimes while they’re eating a fish—that’s quite a scene to catch on camera! With some luck, the yellow anaconda may show up, too! Birds will be everywhere, more specifically the kingfishers, herons and egrets. We’ll have ample photo opportunities to capture the black skimmer, large-billed and yellow-billed terns. We also may photograph the beautiful pied plover (lapwing). We’ll be returning to the lodge for lunch and some downtime until about 2:30 pm. Again, we’ll be staying long enough for some amazing sunset photo ops.

See Day 5.

Breakfast and transfer to the airport in Cuiaba

Today is our final day in the mystical Brazilian Pantanal region! We’ll likely take a flight after lunchtime—however, this is dependent on the flight schedule.

What's Included

Trip Planning

  • All ground transportation to and from Cuiabá
  • Airport assistance inbound and outbound for connecting flights at GRU airport

On The Tour

  • All activities at Rio Clarinho Lodge will be undertaken on a private basis
  • Water and light snacks in all transfers and excursions
  • All gratuities and local taxes

Accomodations & Meals

  • All accommodations
  • All meals