What's Ciclismo like?

Essence of Ciclismo Classico

Here’s what some other guests had to say about traveling with us:

“We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for making our recent trip to France simply perfect. The epic and “bucket list” ride across the Pyrenees – Sea to Sea, will never be forgotten. Not only did we achieve our goal by climbing and summiting the challenging and famous Tour de France climbs….we did it style. The whole event was first class, amazing food, breathtaking scenery, great accommodations (I want to live in the Castle) and the support and encouragement along the daily routes was nothing less than wonderful. Thank you Vanessa and Massimo for taking us on a wonderful journey. This was the most challenging bike riding we have done and we are proud and pleased to have accomplished it. Each of you went above and beyond to make our trip smooth and fun. All of our arrangements such as shuttles, additional hotel reservations, paperwork etc. were handled with great professionalism and we appreciate the outstanding service offered to us, once again, by all of you at Ciclismo Classico. Again, thank you all for making our holiday in France perfect.”
Jim and Jennifer J., Riverside, CA

“Returned home yesterday from the Bike Across Italy trip and I can’t say enough good things about the guides Marcello and Vincenzo! They were fantastic and I highly recommend this trip to anyone that loves to bike. The food, hotels and camraderie were more than expected. We are trying to figure out a trip for next year that would involve the same guides! Thanks for the memories.”
Rosalin S, Myrtle Beach, SC

“It was the combination of everything that made it so wonderful–the biking, the scenery, the participants, the guides, the tours, the food, and the wine. Such a wonderful experience and I plan to return soon!”
Karen M., Bountiful, UT

“”The guides and the intimate sight seeing experience cycling through beautiful scenery, smelling the smells, meeting locals & getting a sense for the day to day life of the people made for a perfect vacation.”
Lisa P., Portland, OR

“After only an hour into the trip I could clearly see that biking is really only a part of all that we would experience. Undoubtedly, this will become an enduring part of our lives for years to come and will spawn many further educational adventures.”
Richard T., Sherman Oaks, CA