Simone Conradi

A native of Celle Ligure, a little sea town of the Ligurian Riviera, Simone has also lived in Liguria and now lives Piedmont. After receiving his Phd in Theoretical Physics, he worked in the railway signaling industry for ten years. He then decided to follow his passions, returning to math and physics, working for a high-tech startup (and as a teacher) and returning to cycling.

Simone started cycling when he was just three years old. He raced for the first time on a full-rigid mountain-bike when he was 15. Since then, cycling has become a pillar in Simone’s life. He started racing in local cross-country races and experimenting with the mountainbike suspension revolution. In 2005, he became Italian Mountain-bike Master and First Level Road Cycling DS. He worked as a mountain-bike guide in Finale Ligure Bike Resort and as a mountain-bike skills teacher. He started also working as a journalist for the Italian magazine Tutto Mountain Bike and then for the internet site, gaining a very detailed knowledge about bike tech and mechanics. He raced in cross-country races, enduro races, multi-stage races, Mega-Avalanches, 24-hours races team and solo. More recently, he started to love road cycling and also gravel riding.

He loves traveling via his road or mountain bike to discover unknown areas or create his own tours. He also loves to explore ancient roads and wild regions. His favorite routes go from the south of France to Italian Apennine Mountains, and from Liguria to northern Alps. When he’s not riding bikes or working, Simone loves hiking in the Maritime Alps during summer, or ski mountaineering during the winter. In his downtime, he loves cooking Italian dishes using fresh and farm-to-table foods, taking walks with his dog, and reading.

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