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A native of Piedmont and born and raised in the city of Turin, Nicolò began cycling when he was a young child. He’d go on rides with his father frequently, exploring Turin’s countryside.

After his first experiences with BMX riding, he started mountain biking and participating in racing events in the 90s. Thanks to these races, he discovered his passion for road biking not only for training purposes, but also as a lifestyle. Today, he rides more than 4,000 miles every year and sometimes participates in the Randonnèe and GranFondo in Italy. He’s a graduate of architectural studies and has lived in other cities around Europe, such as Lisbon, Sevilla, and St. Tropez. He also lived in Los Angeles for a short time.

When he’s not guiding bike tours, he works in architectural design, home automation, web marketing and graphic design. He’s very passionate about art, photography and design. He also likes to discover new things about cycling, food and culture. He shares his travel and cycling experiences through writing on his personal blog.


In His Own Words

“When I’m on the bike, I can listen to the world around me. I get to travel, meet people and learn their stories, all while breathing in fresh air and living intensely in the moment. It allows me to challenge and improve myself and look at the world from different perspectives. I know that every time I get on the saddle, I’ll get that child-like feeling, dreaming of my next unique and unforgettable journey.”

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