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Luca Dalla Villa was born in the countryside near Milan and now lives in the city itself with his wife and two children. He finds Milan a great place to live thanks to its combination of city amenities with easy proximity to lakes, mountains, and the sea.

Luca has a passion for the active life and enjoys cycling and running in natural locations, especially mountains. He got into biking in the mid-1990s and says he “made all the mistakes, buying an expensive, heavy, terrible city bike.” Now a wiser, more experienced cyclist, he particularly enjoys riding in Trentino Alto Adige (South Tyrol), his favorite region in Italy. He joined the Ciclismo family in 2013 and is excited to stimulate his guests’ curiosity about Italy, its places, and its history.

When not cycling or running, Luca, a professional photographer since 2000, can usually be found taking pictures or enjoying one of his chief pleasures: spending time with his kids.

In His Own Words

“What I hope my Ciclismo guests will take away is the joy in an active way of life and the active way of living a holiday.”

“Traveling and discovering new places and their traditions is incredibly interesting and traveling by bike is the perfect way to do it.”

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