Lauren Hefferon


Lauren Hefferon is Ciclismo’s founder and CEB (Chief Executive Biker). She bring a gusto for life as she drives the vision of the company, from marketing strategy and positioning to itinerary design and tour leader training.

Lauren’s love of biking dates back to her active childhood in Keene, New Hampshire. After damaging her knee downhill skiing in high school, she began to really immerse herself in the wonderful world of cycling and realized that the sport had the potential to open up many other doors. “I used the bike as a way to know my world better,” she says. “Little by little it brought me confidence and a sense of accomplishment.” By the time she finished high school, Lauren had explored just about every road within 50 miles of her house. “I was fortunate to live in a great cycling destination, and I would literally take my map and say, ‘Where haven’t I been?’ I really got attached to the landscape, to the whole area.”

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in anthropology, Lauren studied fine arts in Florence and began a life journey that began by cycling over 35,000 miles across Europe. She founded Ciclismo Classico in 1988, realizing a dream of combining her passion for cycling with her love for Italy.

A devoted cycling evangelist, Lauren commutes everywhere by bike and supports cycling causes such as Rails to Trails, Bikes Belong, Pan Mass Challenge, and Mass Bike. She is the founder of the annual Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film festival, and has been an advisor to the Adventure Travel World Summit and a member of the National Bike Summit Panel on Tourism.

As Entrepreneur magazine put it, “Passion is key to cultivating a successful adventure tourism business; Hefferon is overflowing with it.”

In Her Own Words

“I love to explore, and cycling is the way I like to do it. I like to go to new places, meet new people, and learn about the environment. If I had been born a couple of hundred years ago, I’d have been an explorer. I like exotic places that are different, where people speak different languages. Cycling has always fulfilled my need for exploration. Exploring by foot I wouldn’t have gotten that far, but you can explore by bicycle almost all over the place.”

“I like to cycle where there’s water, where there’s a variety of scenery. Sardinia, Corsica, and New England come to mind. Among Ciclismo tours, our Sardinia trips are my favorites. It’s not very busy; the roads are quiet and remote. The scenery is spectacular, with mountains and the sea, and the culture is very interesting. The food is delicious.”

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