Giuseppe "Peppe" Esposto     World's Greatest Guides

Peppe was born in Sicily but he considers himself as a citizen of the world.

He is currently traveling the world by bike every time he can and he keeps accurate chronicles of his journeys to maybe one day write the modern Polo’s “Milione”. He travelled all around Italy first (in 2009 he cycled from Bologna to Caltanissetta) and then Taiwan, China and Scotland.

Sport is a part of his life and passion. In sports he can relax and even get his body fit and mind relaxed to improve his performance in all the fields and also to keep always a negative state of mind. For Peppe the balance between mind and body is fundamental. Sports taught him to overcome all of life’s difficulties and especially himself! The main sports he does are cycling, touring and hiking. Additionally he practice martial arts, runs and swims..

The bicycle for Peppe is also an excellent mode of transportation and traveling. During his life as a university student he travelled around Italy (Tuscany, Sicily and so on) discovering, according to him the hardcore of the Italian traditions and culture and the wide generosity of Italians. Later on Peppe became eager to make new exciting discoveries and explore new countries and new cultures. So in 2011 he moved to Taiwan and from there he travelled to places like China and Korea.

He saw poor and rich places, cultural and social differences, and historical remains. He has also tried different dishes and food, and as a Sicilian he considers food very important part to understanding the people and their lifestyle. It was exclusively adventurous. He has seen and experienced very much that he didn’t expect. Living cheap, but rich in experiences became for him the basis of his new life.

For Peppe, the bike is an unique transportation tool, that provides a direct contact with the country and the people. It also trasnports very well during longer expeditions. Peppe thinks that even more important is learning to read nature; his motto is “Starting to cycle with the dawn and finding a shelter with the sunset”.

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