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Dana Geraghty may be from Colorado originally, but after many years in Italy, she knows the country like the back of her hand. Together with her partner (and fellow Ciclismo guide) Frank Yantorno, she moved to Rome in 1999 and relocated to Acqui Terme in the Piedmont region in 2006. She loves the region for its wonderful cycling roads, great people (including many Ciclismo colleagues), and beautiful alpine views that occasionally make her nostalgic for her birthplace.

A cyclist for so long she doesn’t even remember getting started, Dana has been with Ciclismo since 2000. When asked about her favorite Ciclismo itinerary, she says she loves every trip because each one is unique. “What I love about this job is the people I meet. I love sharing what I love to do, and that’s being outside, having new adventures, new experiences. Every time it’s different,” she says. She works hard to make every tour a memorable adventure for her guests.

The energy Dana derives from cycling helps fuel her passion for life. When not guiding or resting up after her tours, she loves creating other adventures: cycling, hiking, skiing, and enjoying the arts. An artist herself, she has designed several jerseys for Ciclismo Classico and various cycling clubs.

In Her Own Words

“What I enjoy most about Ciclismo trips is the cycling and the scenery, and the company of our guests – these tours usually attract such interesting people. Also meeting the locals along the way, and the food and wine.”

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