Cam Held    World's Greatest Photographers

Born in Rochester NY, the home of Kodak, Cam grew up exposed to photography as an art form.  As a child his summers were spent at a family cabin in the Adirondack Mountains, where he was immersed in the natural beauty and outdoor activities of the region, which nurtured his love of pristine natural settings and wildlife.  At a young age Cam became interested in photographing the landscape around him, and after getting his first point and shoot camera at age 8, his passion for nature photography began.

By high school his passion had become an all-encompassing love, and in 2009 he was lucky enough to be selected for a National Geographic expedition to Ecuador and the Galapagos.  This experience convinced him once and for all that nature photography was the career path he wanted to take.

In 2010 Cam entered his freshman year at Bates College, studying Geology, Wildlife Biology, and Photography/Filmmaking.   These natural sciences have provided him with a greater understanding of the world around him, which is an instrumental part of his photography.  In addition, he was able to spend two semesters abroad: one in Kenya and Tanzania studying field biology, and one in New Zealand studying geology.  Both of these experiences offered a spectacular chance to photograph landscapes and wildlife.

Upon graduation from Bates Cam has stayed in Maine, getting a job working with John and Cindy Orcutt.  This has allowed him the opportunity to learn the ropes of working in the fine art photography industry with an extremely talented mentor.  Despite the nine years of serious and semi-professional photography under his belt, Cam has found this to be an invaluable experience in learning the business end of photography.

Cam looks forward to combining his love of the outdoors, experience behind a camera, and science background in the teaching of this workshop!  I hope you’ll join us!