Antonio Laforgia

Born and raised in Bari, the capital of Puglia region, Antonio moved to Rome at the age of 18 and got a degree in Sociology. A citizen of the world and a natural storyteller, he traveled far and wide in Latin America for many years, working as a freelance reporter and documentary filmmaker. After exploring so many different places, he felt he wanted to learn more about his own country.

He, therefore, went back to his family house, took out of the garage his beloved Bianchi and started traveling all around Italy with a smile on his face. By traveling by bike, he rediscovered all the beauty and the unique essence of Italy, from the flat expanse of olive trees of Puglia to the peaks of the Alps covered with snow. Antonio traveled his own country with the curiosity of a foreigner and ended up expanding his interest and knowledge about history, local traditions, nature, and culture.

He started designing bike tours for his friends visiting him from all over the world, and as every tour turned into an unforgettable experience, he decided to make a career out of it. When he started to look for a company that could reflect his spirit and philosophy, he had no doubt: that company was Ciclismo Classico!

When leading a tour, Antonio is always looking for unique flavors, corners, and stories that can reveal to his guests the true identity of the place they’re visiting. Being a bit of a chef,  he’s always enthusiastic to reveal to his guests the secrets of the local cuisine and make them taste as many courses and wines as possible.

When not guiding, Antonio enjoys the magic atmosphere of a small countryside village near Florence, where he can always find “a hidden road to bike, a new wine to taste, and an unknown story to be told.”


In His Own Words

“I believe riding a bike is the deepest, joyful, and entertaining way to travel in Italy. Guests at Ciclismo Classico have the chance to experience this mindblowing country in a privileged and unique way. The spirit of camaraderie that blossoms during our tours and the fulfillment that I see in every guest’s eyes at the end of each day is priceless.

No matters which tour I lead—no matter if it’s athletic beginner, intermediate or advanced—I love all of them, and so do our guests!”

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