Combo Couple Tours

Don’t leave your loved one behind!

We’re here to address some commonly asked questions about traveling with a loved one who either doesn’t want to ride or is of a different ability level.

What if someone in my group doesn’t want to ride?

We accommodate non-riders and, actually, we get this request quite a lot. Ideal tours for non-riders are those that include double-night stays at each hotel, which provides ample time for a non-rider to explore the town and area on his/her own. Non-riders can also follow the group in our comfortable, air-conditioned support van.

What is the price for a non-rider?

Non-riders are equal members of the group, entitled to the same hotel, dining, and guide services as riders. Thus, the price for a non-rider is the same.

What if we are of varying ability levels?

We accommodate riders of different ability levels, and for those cases we recommend tours that have extra loops (added mileage) available, as most of our tours do. We also have e-bikes available! Call us to learn how we envision e-bikes leveling plane for couples of different ability levels!

For more information you can learn about our ability levels, or call one of our Travel Consultants at 800-866-7314.

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